Episode 1

Berserk Episode 1 – “The Black Swordsman”

First Aired: Wednesday October 8, 1997


This first episode opens with Godo reforging the Dragon Slayer. Guts gathers his equipment and heads off to Midland where Griffith is now king. Incidentally Guts runs across another apostle, the lord of this town. Guts beats up (kills) some bandits to get his message to the lord.

Guts is shown outside of the town trying to get some rest. Instead of rest he is tormented by demons/spirits and we see the five members of God’s Hand including Femto (Griffith). Guts tries attacking Femto without success.

A battle between the lord and Guts ensues where the apostle’s true form is shown. Guts kills the giant snake form of the apostle and takes his behelit. Suddenly we are shown a flashback to Guts’ younger days. Episode closes with Guts going in for the attack on Bazuso.