Episode 2

Berserk Episode 2 – “The Band of the Hawk”

First Aired: Wednesday October 15, 1997


This episode begins with the mercenaries Guts has temporarily joined attacking a castle held by the Band of the Hawk. Guts leaves the mercenaries after making short work of Bazuso, a huge, axe-wielding, 30 man killer.

Guts is ambushed by a small group of the Hawks led by Corkus. Casca intervenes after Guts kills two of the small group, but she is also quickly defeated. Finally, Griffith steps in and beats Guts in a single quick blow to the chest.

We’re shown Guts’ nightmare, where we learn he killed his only father figure, Gambino. Gambino is unable to help, and Guts is overtaken by the demons. During his two-day sleep Casca has slept with him to keep him warm, as he lost a lot of blood.

Griffith asks Guts to join the Band of the Hawk, and Guts does not hesitate to draw his sword. They decide that if Griffith wins Guts will belong to the Hawks. The episode ends just as the battle begins.