Episode 3

Berserk Episode 3 – “First Battle”

First Aired: Wednesday October 22, 1997


This episode opens with the battle between Guts and Griffith. Guts is clearly overtaken in this fight, even though he got a solid punch in Griffith’s face. Guts becomes a member of the Hawks but Corkus plans to kill him in the night. Casca stops Corkus from doing the night attack on Guts, but it’s evident she doesn’t like Guts either.

Guts first battle with the Hawks is a night raid on a military camp. Guts is given the responsibility of protecting the rear while getting away. Guts succeeds but not without the aid of Griffith, Judeau and Pippen.

That night Guts is celebrated as hero of the raid, and is otherwise welcomed into the Band of the Hawk. Corkus and Casca still appear to dislike their newest member.