Episode 4

Berserk Episode 4 – “The Hand of God”

First Aired: Wednesday October 29, 1997


This episode begins the morning following Guts debut raid with the Hawks. Griffith asks to see Guts, where they play around and ultimately we begin to see Griffith’s ambition. We’re also introduced to Griffith’s own behelit, the Egg of the King.

During the next battle with the Hawks, Guts has a flashback to his younger days in a mercenary group. Guts learns to fight from his foster father, Gambino. Gambino is crippled in battle and blames Guts for the bad things happening in his life, including the death of his wife. Eventually Gambino can’t take anymore and confronts Guts, in fact he intends to kill Guts. Guts’ will to survive and his natural ability to sidestep fate helps him survive the confrontation with Gambino by killing him. Guts overcomes terrible odds in escaping the mercenary camp and lives on his own from the age of eleven.

Following the battle and just two weeks into the Band of the Hawks, Guts is promoted to Captain of the Raiders. The episode ends with the Band of the Hawk assisting the Midland army in a battle against Chuder.