Episode 5

Berserk Episode 5 – “A Wind of Swords”

First Aired: Wednesday November 5, 1997


This episode opens with the Band of the Hawks aiding the Midland army against Chuder. Guts is seen here engaging the enemy on his own, and otherwise disregarding the battle plan. Though Guts is seen as a hero amongst the Raiders, Casca chastises him for not following Griffith’s plan. Luckily, Griffith appears and smooths things over with Guts, explaining that his plans took into account Guts’ propensities.

The king of Midland officially recognizes the heroic deeds of the Band of the Hawk, and knights Griffith. The Midland nobles dislike Griffith and the Band of the Hawk not only because they’re all commoners but because they’ve taken the king’s attention.

In another battle the Hawks are taking a supply base. While General Adon makes an interesting getaway, Guts breaks away from his group. Luckily, Guts was able to reach Griffith in time to tell him that Adon left a trap. Finally Casca sees that Griffith trusts Guts for good reason, and understands why he lets Guts do his own thing.

The episode comes to an end as the king of Midland gives the next crucial battle to Griffith and the Hawks.