Berserk Gaiden – Fan Made Berserk RPG

Not long ago Carlos contacted me about a Berserk RPG he made. I’ve only played an hour or so, but it plays nicely so far. I don’t really have the system requirements on this, but it is working fine on my Windows XP machine. Read below for his description.

In this game you play as Guts, a mercenary, one of the many hired to kill Bazuso, your companion is a annoying fairy Puck.

Hit the jump for download, screenshots, etc.

So for those of you that have tried it out, what do you think? For those of you that aren’t going to try it out… why the fuck not?

Download: click here
Contact Carlos at

*Updated screenshots

Well, I should probably say something like this: The software is not made by, do not hold us responsible if you encounter any problems.