Set 5

Berserk Mini Trading Figure Set 5

Mini figure collection 5 features all new characters of Hawksoldiers with actual models and actual scene. Hawksoldiers members are rescuing Griffith, and confronting with fierce Wyard. With the attachment of the symbolic flag, spirit of unity among Hawksoldiers is fully performed…Golden Age of Hawksoldiers.

All figures in Mini Berserk Vol. 5 are newly designed. Characters include Black Swordsman: MAKEN, Carcus, Pippin, Rickert, Judeau & Wyard. Simply display base is attached in each closed box with exception of Wyard. Wyard is set with special artistic color. Intense moment between Hawksoldiers members and Wyard is fully performed.

One set (12-pieces) contain three types of color setting. 6 pieces are of regular color and other 6 pieces are of random repaint or silver color. Respective detailed repaint and silver color setting are as follows.

Repaint Color
1. Black Swordsman: MAKEN features bloody sword and attachment of simple base.
2. Wyard features bloody fist.
3. Carcus features bloody diorama base.
4. Pippin features bloody weapon and simple base.
5. Rickert features bloody diorama base.
6. Judeau features bloody knife and attachment of simple base.

Berserk Mini Trading Figure Set 5 Normal

Silver Color
All characters feature silver colored setting. Simple base is the same as version of repaint color.

Berserk Mini Trading Figure Set 5 Silver

Exclusive Version
Features attachment of Hawksoldiers flag in each figure with exception of Wyard.

Berserk Mini Trading Figure Set 5 Exclusive

Mini figures collection are highly detailed and each figure performs unique characteristics of respective members.You may experience unity of Hawksoldiers members by possessing this series collection.

Mini Figure Collection (Closed Boxes 12 pieces)
Size: about 11 – 12 cm in height, 5 – 8.5 cm in width, 5 – 8.5 cm in depth.
Material: PVC, ABS
Designed by: ART OF WAR

Date of release: August,2005