Music of Berserk Golden Age

Music plays a big part in our enjoyment of movies and anime series. This music might excite us because we know a fight is coming on, it might accompany a meaningful monologue, or be the opening song to our favorite series.

Susumu Hirasawa should be familiar to all Berserk fans of the original animated series for his song “Forces”. He has a new track “Aria” that was heard in the trailer for Egg of the Supreme Ruler and is the title track of the film. You can listen to the short version right here. Download provided below.

Susumu Hirasawa’s Official Site regarding Aria
Download the full version: Aria.mp3

The film’s soundtrack is composed by Shiro Sagisu whose work you have probably heard on Evangelion and Bleach. Hearing a choir chant “Blood and guts and guts and blood…” had me do a double take at first, but without seeing the film the soundtrack seems fitting. This will have to tide me over until I see the movie.

Track Listing

  1. The Wrath Of God (part II)
  2. Et Voici Guts!
  3. Griffith’s Dream
  4. Des Cambrioleurs!?
  5. Semper Invicta
  6. Des Liens Solides
  7. New Horizons
  8. Obscurite des Victimes
  9. La Bete Immense (part I)
  10. Voix du Diable
  11. La Bete Immense (part II)
  12. The Sound of Tortured Souls
  13. Pour L’Eternite (part II)
  14. L’Amour Impitoyable
  15. Jeux de Nobles
  16. L’Amour Impitoyable (piano solo)
  17. Blood and Guts
  18. Avant la Tempete
  19. Blood and Guts (closing credits)
  20. Pour L’Eternite (part I) (Bonus Track)

Purchase the OST here:映画「ベルセルク-黄金時代篇Ⅰ-覇王の卵」オリジナル・サウンドトラック-鷺巣詩郎/dp/B006LYD27W
Download the full soundtrack here:
Download the full soundtrack here (backup link): Berserk Golden Age 1 Egg of the Surpreme King